Jenna Aguon Tattoo Artist

An artist born and raised in San Diego, CA, Jenna started her tattooing career apprenticing under Mike Kellerman of Celebrity Tattoo in 2009. Already an accomplished painter and artist on many other platforms, in the past seven years Jenna has spent countless hours perfecting her technique, continuing to grow, and producing high quality tattoos that can be seen on her clients throughout the country. Her dedication to creating unique, personalized, timeless pieces has made her one of the notable rising stars in the San Diego tattoo community. Jenna prides herself on developing a trust with her clients through her professionalism and acute attention to detail in her work. Incorporating their ideas with her vision, she takes the necessary time to bring together a unified image that both she and the client are beyond satisfied with.

Jenna is currently tattooing at True Fit Tattoo Studio in San Diego, CA. For bookings please email

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